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Course Layout

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1st Hole – 395 Yards, Par 4

Very demanding opening tee-shot with a “230” carry over “the Dyke ” for the big hitters, as a road which divides the two playing sides of the course runs down your right hand side.

Small target green with a bunker on either side awaits your second shot.

Lay- up short of bridge as bogey not a bad start.

2nd Hole – 297 Yards, Par 4

A blind tee shot to a very drivable left dogleg green, that has a large bunker to catch anything over hit or that runs on through. Birdie opportunity is all about pace and use of the fall of ground towards the putting surface. Favour the right side of the fairway to utilize the slope to best affect.

3rd Hole – 534 Yards, Par 5

Long par 5 with fairway tilting from left to right all the way. A three shot hole up to an elevated green which drops away to the right and has a bunker guarding the top left hand side. Use natural contour by playing for left side of fairway until past 150 yard mark.

4th Hole – 140 Yards, Par 3

An uphill shot to a small target which tapers away right into the stream that runs alongside the green. No reward for being beyond the flag as tricky chip or putt is required. For best result try and stay below the pin placement.

5th Hole – 415 Yards, Par 4

The longest Par 4 on the course needs you to regroup after walk to tee-box.
Do not miss green on the left side.

Favouring the left of the fairway off the tee gives a longer but easier second shot to a green that plays from right to left

6th Hole – 527 Yards, Par 4

Blind uphill second shot over water towards the clubhouse to large green which is on a raised platform and hosts a sleeper banked bunker on the right hand side.

Another 3 shot hole for most, with a look at the green important before performing your pitch, as all feeds to the hole from the front, just over the brow of the hill.

7th Hole – 117 Yards, Par 3

Set into a slight hill, accuracy is required, as bunkers guard the front and two sides of this short hole. Reasonable birdie chance but you must take care as it can bit you if errant wrong club selected.

8th Hole – 230 Yards, Par 4

Short par four fraught with danger as anything beyond the green (if found) leaves a near impossible shot and anything sprayed left or right might require “3 from the tee” Guarded by three bunkers at the front, it is difficult to thread a shot between them, so lay up short of the danger and trust your pitch.

9th Hole – 112 Yards, Par 3

The Club’s signature hole has a tee-box situated on top of a rock outcrop which allows a panoramic view across the surrounding terrain.

Stand awhile and admire the view, before attempting to “lob” your tee shot at this short hole (three parts surrounded by the lake) onto the large green below. Wind direction all important to club selection.

10th Hole – 301 Yards, Par 4

A drive straight down the valley required as rock outcrop on your left and the mountain side inviting you out of play on the right.. Too long and you run into Colin’s Burn.

The question is can you resist not going for it, as the green nestling in the corner of the valley invites you to go for glory.

A card maker or breaker, it’s up to you?

11th Hole – 337 Yards, Par 4

Take on the green or not is the choice for the big hitters. Short route is to hit across the lake to a water surrounded green or use the fairway the conventional way.

No easy pitch onto a green hard to hold, with a lot of balls getting wet, no matter which way this hole is played.

Traditional route best, find fairway, hit to gap /entrance to green and happy to record four.

12th Hole – 140 Yards, Par 3

Tee shot over water to green with intimidating rock face backdrop. Long is not an option with a bunker awaiting those who come up short. Receptive green should not be missed as there is trouble all around but anything other than a par, disappointing.

13th Hole – 393 Yards, Par 4

The toughest par 4 in a while, is a good driving hole. Second shot to a mounded green which is sheltered by the forest that looms in the background Stay left off the tee as right takes the Lough into play.

14th Hole – 105 Yards, Par 3

Shortest par 3 on the course which also houses the smallest green which slopes away on all sides. Postage stamp precision required to hold this green. The boulder short of the green hindering the auld favourite bump and run shot for those who do not like the aerial route.

15th Hole – 409 Yards, Par 4

A demanding par 4 which runs right alongside the road the separates the two sides of the golf course. Ample room for driving with the road automatically forcing you left off the tee. Two good shots required to reach this green. Stay left all the way as anything tugged right or over-hit long to the green will find the roadside hedge.

16th Hole – 155 Yards, Par 3

You must negotiate your tee shot through the trees at this the longest par 3 on the course. The large two tier green awaits your shot, as does out of bounds on the left or overshooting the green. Hole will play longer than it looks from the tee with left side the chosen option wherever the pin is positioned.

17th Hole – 506 Yards, Par 5

Tee shot needs to be very long and straight otherwise the fairway mounds in the middle will come into play for your second shot. The narrow entrance to the green is guarded by two large bunkers that await any waywardness. A shallow green, hard to hold if you have to play a long iron shot in. Play short of the trouble off the tee and trust your short game.

18th Hole – 486 Yards, Par 5

Good driving hole to finish as it has plenty of room to go left or right off the tee. The further you drive the more inviting the shot to carry the water in front of the stonewall green surround becomes. Very undulating green awaits with difficult pins a feature. Real risk and reward hole for the big hitters for the mere mortals a tricky lay- up followed by a nervy pitch over the water to find the putting surface.